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Image by Christian Mackie

At Traxtone, we are your gateway to a world of exquisite stone products that enhance every facet of your living space. As a premier provider of stone solutions, we offer a diverse range of exceptional products that cater to the needs of your home, business, or any other project. From pool products to headstones, our commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and innovation ensures that every piece transforms your space into a work of art.

Our product range includes:

POOL PRODUCTS: Dive into luxury with our pool products. From stunning pool tiles to elegant coping stones, we create poolscapes that exude style, durability, and relaxation.


SANITARY PRODUCTS: Elevate your bathroom and kitchen spaces with our sanitary products. Impeccable sinks, countertops, and more that blend functionality with elegance.


BATHROOM FURNISHINGS: Make your daily routines a pleasure with our bathroom furnishings. Vanities, shower surrounds, and accessories are designed to turn your bathroom into a spa-like oasis.


HEADSTONES: Honor the memory of loved ones with our beautifully crafted headstones. Each is a tribute to a life lived, etched in stone with the utmost respect and care.


FIREPLACES: Warm up your living spaces with our majestic fireplaces. Crafted with precision, they become the heart of your home, radiating warmth and comfort.

KITCHEN FURNISHINGS: From countertops to kitchen islands, our kitchen furnishings infuse elegance and functionality into the heart of your home, creating spaces where memories are made.

And More


Beyond just selling stone products, we offer solutions to transform your living and working spaces. Our dedication to craftsmanship, customization, and uncompromising quality ensures that every piece you choose is luxurious and sophisticated.

Choose Traxtone as your preferred source for stone products. Experience the difference of having a dedicated team that turns your design ideas into reality with a touch of elegance and precision. Our stone products are not just functional; they are works of art that elevate your spaces to new heights of beauty and grandeur.

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