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Project Gallery

TraXtone is not just a company; it's a legacy of design and craftsmanship led by the visionary Joe Fadel. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Traxtone has orchestrated the creation of stone surfaces that grace some of the world's most iconic projects. Our portfolio is a testament to the marriage of creativity, precision, and a passion for transforming spaces into works of art.

Our Distinguished Projects:

  1. Wynn Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV: The embodiment of luxury and elegance, the stone surfaces at Wynn Las Vegas set the standard for opulence in the heart of the Strip.

  2. Wynn Encore, Las Vegas, NV: The Wynn Encore stands as a testament to refined beauty, with every stone surface meticulously designed and executed to create an ambiance of timeless sophistication.

  3. Charleston Pavilion @ Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV: Stone surfaces at Charleston Pavilion add a touch of architectural grandeur to this vibrant community hub.

  4. The Commons @ Seven Hills, Las Vegas, NV: A stone-based masterpiece, The Commons radiates class and elegance, enriching the Las Vegas landscape.

  5. Allure Condominium Tower; Las Vegas, NV: The stone surfaces at Allure Condominium Tower infuse modern living spaces with a touch of luxury and comfort.

  6. Panorama Condominium Tower III; Las Vegas, NV: A blend of precision and innovation, the stone surfaces at Panorama Condominium Tower III redefine contemporary living.

  7. Pinnacle Entertainment River City Hotel & Casino; St. Louis, MO: Traxtone's mastery of stone surfaces transcends regions, and the River City Hotel & Casino showcases the same commitment to quality.

  8. Beach Club @ Wynn Encore; Las Vegas, NV: Every stone surface at the Beach Club mirrors the allure of the beach, providing a luxurious escape in the city's heart.

  9. Manale Bay Lanai Resorts - Four Seasons Hotels Limited - Hawaii: Across the Pacific, the stone surfaces at Manale Bay Lanai Resorts represent the epitome of Hawaiian luxury.

  10. Baha Mar Resort, Bahamas: TraXtone's work at Baha Mar Resort transports you to an island paradise with stone surfaces that evoke the essence of the Bahamas.

  11. Wynn Palace; Macau, China (FF&E): Traxtone's influence in stone surfaces extends globally, with the FF&E design at Wynn Palace in Macau, China, exemplifying his dedication to craftsmanship.

   Projects Continued

And this is just the beginning.


TraXtone's portfolio is a gallery of iconic projects where stone surfaces have been elevated to an art form. Our commitment to precision, customization, and unwavering quality is the hallmark of every project, bringing dreams to life in stone and leaving a lasting legacy of beauty and craftsmanship. We don't just create surfaces; we craft masterpieces.

Hells Kitchen Mosaic, Las Vegas
Wynn Las Vegas Fairway, Las Vegas
Wynn Encore Theater, Las Vegas
Encore Beach Club, Las Vegas
Wynn & Encore Towers, Las Vegas
Baha Mar Casino, Bahamas
Wynn Palace, Macau
Wynn Palace, Macau
Encore, Boston Harbor
Encore Bar, Boston Harbor
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