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Travertine is a natural sedimentary rock celebrated for its classic beauty and distinctive texture. Formed over thousands of years from the accumulation of calcium deposits, travertine features a variety of warm, earthy colors, from creamy beige to rich brown. Its textured surface, characterized by unique pitting and veining, brings a touch of timeless elegance and rustic charm to a wide range of design applications.Travertine isn't just a stone; it's a testament to nature's artistic touch and enduring beauty. Whether you're designing a rustic kitchen, an inviting outdoor patio, or a calming bathroom, travertine offers a timeless elegance that weathers the years with grace.

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Color Range:

  • Ivory

  • Beige

  • Walnut

  • Noce

  • Silver

  • Red

  • Gold

  • Blue

  • Green


  • Elegant            

  • Versatile           

  • High Durability

  • Keeps Cool    


  • Countertops

  • Interior Floors

  • Interior Walls

  • Exterior Floors

  • Exterior Facades

  • FF&E


  • Porous Nature

  • Scratch and Etch Prone

  • High Maintenance

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