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At Traxtone, we bring you a world of porcelain where timeless beauty meets contemporary style. As a leading porcelain material provider, we offer diverse colors, textures, and patterns that effortlessly elevate your design visions.

Our product range includes:

Marble look: Marble Look Porcelain combines the timeless beauty of natural marble with the modern practicality of porcelain. Our collection offers an exquisite range of porcelain materials that convincingly emulate the classic elegance of marble.


Stone Look: Stone Look Porcelain marries the awe-inspiring beauty of natural stone with the practicality and durability of porcelain. Our collection offers a remarkable selection of porcelain materials that authentically replicate the splendor of various stone types. 

wood look: Combining the inviting warmth of natural wood with the enduring strength of porcelain, our line of products features an array of stunning porcelain materials that convincingly replicate the look and texture of natural wood. 


Concrete look: Our range captures the contemporary allure of concrete while harnessing the enduring resilience of porcelain. It features a variety of porcelain surfaces that perfectly mimic the raw, industrial aesthetic of concrete.


Metal Look: Metal Look Porcelain combines the striking appeal of metal with the unmatched versatility of porcelain. Our collection includes an array of porcelain surfaces that accurately mimic various metals' look, texture, and finish.

3D look: 3D Look Porcelain redefines the concept of surface aesthetics. Our range features porcelain surfaces that ingeniously create the illusion of depth and dimension, adding an entirely new layer of elegance to your spaces.

And More


At Traxtone, we believe that great design begins with exceptional materials. Our porcelain collection is carefully curated to inspire creativity and bring your design visions to life. With an array of options, you'll find the perfect porcelain to complete your project, whether a residential remodel or a commercial development.

Elevate your design projects to new heights of luxury, aesthetics, and durability with our curated collection of porcelain and experience the perfect fusion of artistry and innovation. 


Discover the endless possibilities with Traxtone, your trusted partner in stone. Your vision, our stone – together, we craft masterpieces.

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